It depends on the type of ammunition you buy, where you buy it, and the quantities.50 BMG ammunition can be purchased for $1.75 per spin up to $6.00 and more per spin. Good bullet ammunition costs an average of $2-3 per spin. California lawmakers have said the “proliferation and use” of .50 BMG rifles poses a terrorist threat as well as a threat to the “health, safety and security of all residents” of California. [1] The law required existing .50 BMG rifles to be registered with the state and prohibited the sale of rifles after the ban went into effect. To quote the state website, the law regulates “.50 BMG rifles in essentially the same way as assault weapons.” [2] The law explicitly allowed a now-expired registration period of one year to register these firearms, after which unregistered firearms would become illegal firearms. Criminals do not own them. You can`t afford them. Damn, middle class people can`t afford it. The first one I sold, with a scope and a box of ammunition, cost more than the car I was driving at the time (new).

6-Will 50-gauge ammunition be banned? Early revisions to the AB50, including prohibitions on the sale, purchase and possession of 50 BMG cartridges (see, in particular 12020.a) (34) to 12020. (a) (36) ). Along the way, however, changes were made to AB50 that removed these bans. For the full list of AB50 revisions, see: and SEARCH for AB50, Author Koretz, in the 2003-2004 session. Thus, as it is said, “Assembly Bill 50 does not impose any restrictions, restrictions, etc. on purchase, possession, etc. firm. 50 BMG ammunition. Beware of unscrupulous traders trying to create a 50-calorie ammunition buying frenzy.

Ammunition has NOT been banned (KEEP AN EYE ON NEXT YEAR). Back to top With very few exceptions, .50 BMG rifles (fifty calibers) are illegal in California. They are prohibited by the Criminal Code 30610 PC and the Criminal Code 30600 PC, California Assault Weapons Act. 9-Purchase of 50 BMG receivers as a cost-effective alternative Some manufacturers manufacture receivers as quickly as possible to meet the needs of CA residents. These manufacturers include Barrett, Cobb Mfg., EDM Arms, Armalite, Serbu, Anzio, TNW and Ultimate Accuracy. When it comes to one-shot AR-15 receivers, ARM USA is ALWAYS in the position that this lower receiver IS ALWAYS an AR-15 receiver, which is not legal under CA law. While the Department of Justice may have approved it (I guess DPMS and others who make a single shot receiver prove it), we choose not to sell the recipients. Keep in mind that the Department of Justice allowed the guys to re-register their AKs in 1989 (?) beyond the end date of the initial registration, and the Attorney General was prosecuted and lost.

Many people registered them at the time and relied on the determination of the Department of Justice, and many people had their firearms confiscated, and some officers lost their jobs after being arrested or convicted of violating gun laws. Buy them or sell them if you want – it`s just not a fight we`re involved in. They are damn expensive. They are heavy. Scopes cost more than the weapon. Getting good ammunition is painful. No excess ammunition, good ammunition. And ammunition is expensive. Good point. The last time I didn`t want to buy ammunition, it was north of $8 per bullet.

But it`s here in Virginia. They legally possessed the rifle before it was made illegal (i.e. before 1 January 2005) and registered it with the Ministry of Justice before 30 April 2006. This doesn`t seem to be the best litmus test of whether a gun should be legal. If I had to use such a rifle to commit a crime, it would be to murder someone from a distance. But even that requires years of training as a $100,000 shooter for all that ammunition. Pretty good for shooting politicians. That`s really the only reason you`ll want one, ammunition is too expensive for anything else.

A 1999 Department of Justice special briefing on crimes committed with a .50 caliber firearm identified several cases in which the BMG .50 was involved in criminal activity. [6] Only one case (the Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas) involved the alleged use of a .50 BMG in the commission of a crime; the rest concerned illegal possession (e.g. stolen), not use. The briefing failed to identify a case where a .50 BMG rifle was used to commit murder. Nevada`s Guns Act does not prohibit the possession of machine guns (automatic weapons). However, federal law prohibits the possession of machine guns unless they were legally owned and registered before May 19, 1986. In order for someone to legally transfer a machine gun legally due to Nevada, the person must obtain a permit from the ATF (the Bureau. The .50 BMG is legal to purchase and own without a license or special process anywhere in the United States except California (we have CA legal options upon request).

The circumstances under which you can legally own a 50 caliber rifle in California include: I will let you know that I have stopped a lot of convenience stores with a 50 cal in the Greater Toronto Area when all my other weapons run out of ammunition. Although, to be absolutely sure, and since the laws are constantly changing, it is always a good idea to check the legality with the FFL trader you will use for the transfer. Following the ban, the Barrett Firearms Company announced that it would no longer sell or operate any of its rifles owned by a California government agency. [5] * I haven`t seen the buried comment, I`ll just leave it here. 3-What are the 50 Cals still available? Availability decreases every day. While 2 weeks ago we could guarantee that you would get an EDM Arms Windrunner, this is no longer the case. At this point we can still get the Cobb FA 50(T), LAR Grizzly, Ultimate Accuracy AMAC 5100 and EDM Arms Model 96 Windrunner, Model 99 Single-Shot Take-Down, Barrett 82A1CAL.