acclamationɔ̃ feminine /ɔ̃ Bernie Sanders` request to appoint Clinton by “acclamation” also led to an increase in “acclimatization” with two c. By acclamation. Always in the singular (the meaning of the word implies in itself the identity of collectivity©):© to vote by acclamation. Consent can come from a single person, but acclamation requires a wider audience. A famous film is widely acclaimed, and critical acclaim can lead to box office success. When a popular proposal appears in a legislature, the president can request that it be passed “by acclamation,” meaning anyone can only shout and applaud for approval, and no one bothers to count the votes. They will also be used©under the purposes of the subscribed options,©©for advertising targeting purposes. You have©the right to access and rectify your personal data, as well as the right to request their erasure within the limits provided©©©by law. Source: Google Books Ngram Viewer, a language application that allows you to observe the evolution of the number of occurrences of one or more words in published texts over time. borrowed from Middle French and Latin; Middle French acclamacion, borrowed from the Latin acclÄmÄtiÅn-, acclÄmÄtiÅ, from acclÄmÄre “acclamant l`entrée 1” + -tiÅn-, -tiÅ, suffix of the promotion noun The information collected is intended© for CCM Benchmark Group to ensure that you receive your newsletter.

What verb do the words “lie” and “after” come from®? You can©also check your targeting options at any time. Learn more about our privacy policy©. Cry of joy, approval, collective enthusiasm to greet or accept.